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Fido, get off the bed!

Do dogs get jealous? At just the most inopportune moments?

Periodic Table of SciBlings

If you are confused by the sheer number of ScienceBloggers and need to know who is who and what everyone writes about, you should check the periodic table of SciBlings. Then, check out more detailed descriptions of some of the blogs and keep checking in the following days for the descriptions of others. A graphic,…

Slaughtering the PIG continues….

Mark Perakh debunks Chapter 16 of Jonathan Well’s poor excuse of a book. The chapter is on alleged new “Lysenkoism” in today’s American science, which has nothing to do with historical Lysenkoism.

Grand Green Education

Carnival of the Green #42 is up on The Disillusioned Kid. Carnival of Education #82 is up on Thespis Journal. Grand Rounds, V. 2, No. 49 is up on Protect the Airway.

Mr.WD continues with his series on “Postmodern” Christianity – here is It’s still that old time religion, Part III. Sara Robinson continues her series on authoritarians: Tunnels and Bridges, Part III: A Bigger World

Bloggers matter….

…..and smart politicians know this.

Yesterday, we were putting down media reports on a study that purports that dolphins are not intelligent despite behavioral studies and big brains. Today, NYTimes has a much better article arguing that manatees, despite their small brains, are more intelligent than previously thought. It is a longish article but well worth reading. The idea is…

Call for action!

Previously unopposed, “…the most notorious creationist on the Ohio State Board of Education, Deborah Owens Fink, has a challenger in the Novemeber 7th election.” The election is non-partisan and the serious challenger is Tom Sawyer. You can get all of the details from Ed Brayton (as well as additional views by Chad, John and Kevin).…

Science Blogging – what it can be

From quite early on in my blogging endeavor, I was interested in exploring science blogging, what it is, what it can do, and what it can become. So, check out some of my earliest thoughts on this here and here. Then, over about a month (from April 17, 2006 to May 17, 2006) I wrote…

The Republican War On Science

My SciBling Chris Mooney, the first science blogger I ever discovered (and whose blogroll let me into the scienceblogging world) is the author of one of the most important books of last year, The Republican War On Science. I have read the hardcover as soon as I got it (and my copy was shipped in…