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Jump on the HealthTrain

Check out the freshly unvailed Open Healthcare Manifesto, designed to foster “open media” in healthcare and medicine and to implement “some sort of a new “integrity standard” … needed to help people sort through the junk that openness unfortunately tends to generate.” To see the details, download the HealthTrain – the Open Healthcare Manifesto (pdf)…

You may be aware of the $5000 scholarship for students who are science bloggers. Now the 10 finalists have been announced and you should go here to cast your vote. I have initially nominated (and will vote for) Jenna (Jennifer Wong) of Cyberspace Rendezvous which is, in my opinion, the best student science blog around…

Fizzler on the Roof

The worst Tevye ever (January 26, 2005)

Elephants pass the mirror test

Humans do it, great apes do it, dolphins do it, now elephants (also here) have also been shown to do it – recognize themselves in the mirror, i.e., realize that the image in the mirror is the image of themselves and not a strange animal. That’s a biggie in the world of cognitive science and…

Halloween Grand Rounds

When doctors get scary, than it is really scary – go check it out on Doctor H├ębert’s Medical Gumbo

Google News?

I have a couple of subscription for Google News e-mail notifications for terms like “circadian” and what-not. This makes me informed fast enough for what I need (i.e., making a decision to blog or not about the news). Usually, I’d get 2-3 new entries for the “circadian” search-term each day (and even less for some…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Groups And Grumps: Study Identifies ‘Sociality’ Neurons: A University of California, San Diego study has for the first time identified brain cells that influence whether birds of a feather will, or will not, flock together. The research demonstrates that vasotocin neurons in the medial extended amygdala — which are present in most animals, including humans…

Apparently, the timing of sporting events in Beijing, probably driven by needs of American TV audiences, did not take into consideration the best time of day for athletic performance. But who cares about athletes, or even about breaking Olympic and world records, when delivering Joe Schmoe to the Budweiser commercial is much, much more important…

SBC – NC’07

Danica Radovanovic of Belgrade and Beyond is coming to the 2007 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference all the way from Belgrade! We can now have our own break-out session in Serbo-Croatian language. And we have not heard of each other until now. Are you registered yet? Technorati Tag: sciencebloggingconference

Open Access Science Publishing

Bill Hooker has joined the blogging stable at 3 Quarks Daily – congratulations! He is starting with an excellent and well-documented article about Open Access Publishing.