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My son wants Wii for Hannukkah and he will get it. According to Jonah, it’s good for you in more ways than just training in spatial orientation. You get a physical workout and you get drawn deeper into the game which will, presumably, make violence, aggression, injuries and death more realistic and thus may have the opposite effect of cartoonish effects of older video games or even watching carnage on TV news. You may even start emphatizing and thinking about the meaning of life! Who knows – time will tell.

But, and I did not think of this, Wii may do something more. Brian Russell muses, in two posts, about another Wii potential – replacing a PC! It has an Internet connection and a browser and a bunch of other stuff that makes it a social networking tool. Will Wii-sphere be the next generation’s blogosphere?


  1. #1 brad
    November 23, 2006

    Just watch out for anything of value around your television – I have already read stories of damaged electronics from flying Wii controllers.

    As for replacing the PC – one has to only look to Microsoft with the most successful online community to see that this will not be happening in the near future. Microsoft has blurred the lines between PC and Console much more than Sony or Nintendo, yet until the marketing turns away from “video-game consoles” the functionality will not be realized for quite some time.

  2. #2 Rob Knop
    November 23, 2006

    You better get him 2.

    After all, what are you gonna use if he’s hogging it?


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