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  1. #1 cfeagans
    November 27, 2006

    WhooHoo! The “H’s” are posted!

    -though I’m still trying to work my way through the “E’s”

  2. #2 Daniel Morgan
    November 27, 2006

    That is one hell of a blogroll. I’m still glad to be on it, though… :)

  3. #3 dileffante
    November 27, 2006

    Perhaps John Horgan’s Horganism?

    btw, thanks for adding me under “D”; i’ll soon be posting more; the start has been a bit slower than what I expected.

  4. #4 Kristjan Wager
    November 27, 2006

    Hugo Schwyzer just moved to here (nicely desinged by Lauren).

    Another H-blogs that might be of interest:


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