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Is this useful to you?

It is useful to me, for sure, as my blogroll is in a bad need of updating. By doing this, I get to clean-up my Bloglines, update the feeds on blogs that have moved, delete dead blogs, revisit some old friends I have not read in a while, and add new blogs that you suggest in the comments.

But it it useful for you? Have you discovered, checking my blogrolling posts, any blogs new to you that you really liked and decided to bookmark/blogroll/subscribe for yourself?

I And The Bird
I Blame The Patriarchy
I Cite
I got bugs
I Love Dinosaurs
I Slept Great!
Iceberg Renovation Project
Iddybud Journal
Idea Consultants
I’m a chordata, urochordata!
ImpactED nurse
Improbable Research
In the Pipeline
The Infinite Sphere
Infinite Thought
Informed Comment
The Inoculated Mind – Mindcast
The Insomnia Blog
Instructional Technology
Integrated Science and Humanities
Integrity of Science
The Intersection
Interverbal: Reviews of Autism Statements and Research
Invasive Species Weblog
The Invisible Library
The Island of Doubt (old)
The Island of Doubt (new)
Ivory-bills LiVE!!

Previously (and please you can add suggestions at any time in the future – I get e-mail notifications so I will get the message):



  1. #1 scout
    November 28, 2006

    good gawd, you have one of the biggest blogrolls i’ve ever seen (looking at the ‘old blogroll).

    i think you need a ‘canadian’ section. yup, most definetly. natch ‘harper valley’ would be at the top 🙂 . what are you interested in canadian, maybe i can give you suggestions that way.

  2. #2 coturnix
    November 28, 2006

    Darn, I was sure Harper Valley was on there…will fix on the next round of updates.

    Well, Canadian blogs…science, I guess!

  3. #3 Kristjan Wager
    November 28, 2006

    Yes, it’s a great resource Coturnix – we seem to have a similar taste in blogs (not surprising, since we comment on the same blogs, and are interested in similar issues, such as progressive politics, feminism and science). I have definitely found a few blogs that I will be checking out.

  4. #4 rehana
    November 28, 2006

    Way too many for me to check out, though I’m sure I’d find many of them interesting. The occasional links to individual posts are more useful.

  5. #5 Lab Cat
    November 28, 2006

    I like the fact that it is there, but I am busy to visit any at the moment. One day!

    Thanks for putting it together.

  6. #6 TomJoe
    November 6, 2008

    (It’s a …) Micro World (… after all) is a damn good blog. 😉


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