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Blog Experiment

i-710d005c8660d36282911838843a792d-ClockWeb logo2.JPGIn the similar vein to this morning’s post (and the neccessary link within it) on the speed of meme-spreading, I tried to do this little experiment about a year ago (October 12, 2005) with no success – perhaps because I asked for more than just a link. Now that my audience is much bigger, let’s try again:
There are estimated to be more than 20 55 million blogs in existence. Somebody somewhere knows the answer to my question. If every one of my readers (who also owns a blog) copies and pastes this post on their blogs, it should spread through the entire blogosphere over just a couple of days. Then, once somebody comes up with the answer to my question, the whole process repeats, with every blogger posting the answer. It should reach me in no less than a week. Let’s try to do this. My question is:

What is the first original use of the phrase: “Note to Self”?

Does it come from a movie, comic strip, TV show (“Police Squad” comes to mind)? If you know the answer, post it on your blog and encourage your readers to do the same. Is the blogosphere such a powerful means of light-speed exchange of information? Let’s prove that it is.