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Aching Back? Sitting Up Straight Could Be The Culprit:

Researchers are using a new form of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to show that sitting in an upright position places unnecessary strain on your back, leading to potentially chronic pain problems if you spend long hours sitting.

Sleep Problems In Overweight Children Appear Fairly Common:

One-fourth of overweight children may have sleep problems that regular physical activity can largely resolve, researchers say.

Synchrotron Reveals How Neanderthal Teeth Grew:

Scientists from the United Kingdom, France and Italy have studied teeth from Neanderthals with X-rays from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF). They found that the dental development of Neanderthals is very similar to modern humans. Their results are published in Nature this week.

Serengeti Patrols Cut Poaching Of Buffalo, Elephants, Rhinos:

A technique used since the 1930s to estimate the abundance of fish has shown for the first time that enforcement patrols are effective at reducing poaching of elephants, African buffaloes and black rhinos.

Humpback Whales Have Brain Cells Also Found In Humans :

A new study compared a humpback whale brain with brains from several other cetacean species and found the presence of a certain type of neuron cell that is also found in humans.

Predicting Impact Of Climate Change On Organisms: Latitude’s Not Enough:

According to a recent study, predicting the impact of climate change on organisms is more complicated than simply looking at species northern and southern range limits.