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You gotta be nuts to vote for Bush!

You know that Bush-apologists say crazy things. They get cited, chastized and mocked for it every day on the liberal blogs, after all. You may have also wandered, by mistake, onto comment threads on Little Green Foodballs, or The Corner, or other nasty Right-wing blogs and suspected that those people are not really ‘all there’.…

Update on M&Ms

While all this was going on I was wondering where Jason Rosenhouse would stand on all of this. He is back from a break and has two posts on the issue here and here. Update: Chris Rowan wrote an intriguing analysis and a huge thread on the topic is still ongoing on Panda’s Thumb

A paper just got published in PLoS – Biology – “A Human Taste for Rarity Spells Disaster for Endangered Species” – describes how high monetary value of rare species leads to a vicious spiral in which each capture reduces the remaining number of individuals at the same time as increasing the monetary value – until…

Made With Molecules online store is expanding its offerings. Sure serotonin earrings are cool, but nothing beats the familiar and soothing effects of theobromine and caffeine. Check them out! (Hat-tip: Vaughan

The Sense of Scale

Josh Wilson finds a new (to me, at least) metaphor that puts the geological time in perspective, and Carel discovers some cool models that place the astronomical size and space in perspective. Humbling and edifying. Good ideas for science teachers.

Circadian Rhythm of Alcohol Tolerance

The original title of this post – “Diurnal rhythm of alcohol metabolism” – was more correct, but less catchy (from February 21, 2006).

Blogrolling: K

It appears that the letter K is a niche that still has ample remaining space for new enterprenurial souls…

SBC – NC’07

Paul Gilster of Centauri Dreams blog, and the book of the same name, is coming to the 2007 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference. Are you? Technorati Tag: sciencebloggingconference

EduBlogging of the week

The Carnival of Education: Week 95 is up on A History Teacher. Carnival of Homeschooling #48 is up on The Common Room.

Blogrolling: J

Here’s another letter for you: