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Edwards to announce tomorrow

John Edwards is announcing his presidential candidacy tomorrow in New Orleans, followed by a tour of town-hall meetings in Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina and North Carolina. I’ll be at the last one and may have some pictures etc. I’ll probably resuscitate my old blog to avoid cluttering this one with all the political…

EduBlogging of the week

99th Carnival of Education is up on Right on the Left Coast The 52nd Carnival of Homeschooling: A Year and a Day – is up on What Did You Do in School Today?

Do We Also Taste Just Like Chicken?

Perhaps. But we do other stuff just like chicken (December 09, 2004):

My picks from ScienceDaily

Singing For Survival: Gibbons Scare Off Predators With ‘Song’: It is well known that animals use song as a way of attracting mates, but researchers have found that gibbons have developed an unusual way of scaring off predators — by singing to them. The primatologists at the University of St Andrews discovered that wild gibbons…

SBC – NC’07

Fiona Morgan of Independent Weekly is coming to the 2007 North Carolina Science Blogging Conference. Are you? Technorati Tag: sciencebloggingconference

Clock Quote of the Day

Commencement speakers have a good deal in common with grandfather clocks: Standing usually some six feet tall, typically ponderous in construction, more traditional than functional, their distinction is largely their noisy communication of essentially common knowledge. – W. Willard Wirtz, US Secretary of Labor

A Question

What is the oldest science blog? Not medicine, not technology/gizmos/gadgets, not conservation, not nature writing, not atheism – a real science blog?

Blogroll is finally finished!

You can get to it from the sidebar or from the cute little grey button right under the banner…

Blogrolling – added today

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MedBlogging of the Week

Grand Rounds goes back home to Blogborygmi for the 3.14 Best of Year edition, with some interesting history (and statistics) of the carnival. This is a real treat with entries being not best of the week, but best of the year.