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How many such pieces of news can one survive in one day! Now that Amanda has been welcomed by concern-troll-mysoginists who followed her from her blog to the Edwards campaign blog (where, frankly, nobody lets them stir the pot) there is another great piece of news! Melissa McEwan, aka Shakespeare’s Sister was also hired by…

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Greenwich time to remain Greenwich time

In light of my post earlier today about the discrepanices between ‘real time’ and ‘clock time’ (or ‘social time’), it is heartening that the Parliament in the U.K. wisely decided not to switch their clocks to the time the rest of Europe observes. If they did, they would be seriously out of whack. After all,…

New Model for Interval Timing

While study of Time-Perception is, according to many, a sub-discipline of chronobiology, I personally know very little about it. Time perception is defined as interval timing, i.e., measuring duration of events (as opposed to counting, figuring which one of the two events happened first and which one second, or measuring time of day or year).…

Green Invertebrates

Circus of the Spineless #17: The Symbology of Invertebrates is up on The Voltage Gate Carnival of the Green #62 is up on Jetson Green

Liberal Blogging of the week

Carnival of the Liberals #31 is up on Pollyticks.com


You may have heard that Joe Biden announced today (or was it yesterday, who pays attention any more) that he is running for President. Just like he announced last week. And the week before. And several consecutive weeks before that. Still hoping someone – anyone – would notice. But also, Joe Biden announced today that…

Sun Time is the Real Time

If you really read this blog “for the articles”, especially the chronobiology articles, you are aware that the light-dark cycle is the most powerful environmental cue entraining circadian clocks. But it is not the only one. Clocks can also be entrained by a host of other (“non-photic”) cues, e.g., scheduled meals, scheduled exercise, daily dose…

(August 10, 2005)

Science Blogging of the Fortnight

Tangled Bank 72: What’s in a name? Read the best of last two weeks’ science blogging on Ouroboros.