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Conference update

Only 10 days left until the conference! You can imagine that Anton, Brian, Paul and I are in quite a frenzy over it, planning every last detail. Name tags? Name tags! Cups and napkins? Chauffering people between the airport, hotels, the conference and the dinners? Reserving the restaurant spaces. Printing the program. Oh, and the anthology!

So, go to the homepage and see how wonderfully the program has evolved, how many people (and what great diversity!) have signed up and, if you are coming, feel free to edit the wiki pages attached to each of the sessions – let’s start the discussion in advance, before we even meet face-to-face!

i-5c21eaa7940393b7be7e8e092ed67e37-NCSBClogo175.pngThere are 16 more open slots for you to sign up for the conference! No, we are not going to turn anyone away at the door, but the big auditorium seats right around 150 people, we have 150 bags of swag (fantastic stuff!), are counting on 150 people for food, etc., so try to register ASAP and not get a registration number greater than 150 if you can manage!

Also, as many sponsors we have already attracted, we still need a little bit more cash for those little things like cups and napkins and name tags… so if you can throw a couple of bucks into the conference tip-jar, we would really appreciate it.

Can’t wait! This is so exciting! See you all there in 10 days!

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  1. #1 MC
    January 8, 2007

    If I enroll but don’t attend, will I still be eligible for the goodie bag?!?

  2. #2 coturnix
    January 8, 2007

    Ha! Nope, sorry. You can receive the bag only in person, only here, only on January 20th.

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