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Science Blogging Conference Update

i-5c21eaa7940393b7be7e8e092ed67e37-NCSBClogo175.pngAnton, Brian, Paul and I are now in daily (actually more than once a day) contact, putting together the last touches of the organization of the Science Blogging Conference. Only 9 days to go!

The teach-in session on the 18th is full. The Friday (19th) dinner is in my neighborhood at 7pm – there is a projector and a screen so we will browse and read blogs while eating and drinking. I need to know who is coming to that – e-mail Anton or edit the Dinner page on the wiki (for both Friday and Saturday dinners).

Check out the Program and if you can, make a small donation.

There are currently 143 people registered – check them out: what a great and diverse group of people! There is even someone from the local NBC affiliate – is this going to be on TV?

You can browse science blogs here and check the conference updates on the blog. If you write a blog post or place photos on Flickr please use the tag to tag all your posts for Technorati, delicious, Flickr, etc. I will assemble all links, all tags, images, podcasts and videos in one place and post it on the wiki. If you will be there – consider liveblogging!

And if you are still having trouble making up your mind, just know that the swag is worth your while alone!

The details are still emerging, but we expect every participant (or at least the first 150 to register) to get a very pretty bag filled with goodies, including, most likely:

– The latest issue of Seed Magazine
– The latest issue of American Scientist
– The latest issue of Nature
– The latest issue of The Lancet
– The latest issue of The Scientist
– The latest issue of Endeavors
– One of four titles from HarperCollins books, including The Best American Science Writing 2006, so you can compare the quality of that writing with the quality of writing on science blogs compiled in the Science Blogging Anthology 2006 which will be published in the nick of time by Lulu.com.
– NC Science & Math Education Center info
– a PBS NewsHour science-teaching DVD
– a PLoS t-shirt

Isn’t it worth registering now?


  1. #1 Dr. Free-Ride
    January 9, 2007

    It’d probably be rude to liveblog during my talk, right?

    (Do the restaurants have WiFi?)

  2. #2 coturnix
    January 9, 2007

    The Friday night one does for sure. I think they all do on Sturday as well.

    Brian is in the process of making a thorough Google Map of all the Wi-Fi availability in public places in the county!

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