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Anthology update….

The entire file is now finished – the last quick round of proofreading is all that’s left before the Grand Unveiling right at this place (likely tomorrow morning).

Since people nominated the best science posts and those tend to be the most substantial posts which tend to be very long posts (sometimes in two or more parts), the book will be much thicker than I expected – around 330 pages! This, unfortunately, will also make it a tad little bit more expensive (still not hugely expensive – this is online, print-on-demand model of publishing after all).

I got 13 out of 50 letters of agreement/copyright so far. Instead of e-mailing everyone to confirm, I will wait another couple of weeks and only contact those whose letter I did not receive by then, if any.

Oh, and once the book is announced and up for sale, I’d appreciate you spreading the word – e-mail your friends, post a link on your blog, nominate it on places like digg/reddit/delicious/stumbleupon/endgadget/metafilter/slashdot, and buy the book!