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Graduate school is expensive, even with grants and loans. Perhaps if a lot of A-listers linked to this, it could be possible to collect enough. (via Chickpea Science)

My picks from ScienceDaily

Student’s Research With Disney Giraffes May Help Conserve Several Species: University of Central Florida doctoral student Jennifer Fewster is studying giraffe excrement at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge in Lake Buena Vista in an effort to figure out what the animals eat in the wild and to improve the nutrition of those in captivity. Fewster’s research,…

Clock Quotes

Regret for wasted time is more wasted time. Mason Cooley, O Magazine, April 2004

Network-like Mode of Thinking

I am so glad to see that conversations started face-to-face at the Science Blogging Conference are now continuing online (see the bottom of the ever-growing linkfests here and here). While some are between science bloggers, as expected, others are between people who have never heard of each other before and who came from very different…

EduBlogging of the week

Teaching Carnival #19 is up on Scribblingwoman The 104th Carnival of Education is up on The Median Sib 57th Carnival of Homeschooling is up on PalmTree Pundit

But can you…

…handle the Truth?


Ha! We broke the ice and now others are following our example. The Best of Technology Writing 2007 is being planned (hat-tip: Pimm). I think this is great! Biotech articles are welcome as well, so send in your faves for consideration. Of course, they are a little timid – non-blog articles can also be included,…

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Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon, the quickest draw of the Internets, the master of witty blog titles, and the scourge of mysoginists worldwide (like my regulars could avoid my almost-daily links to Pandagon and don’t know who she is…), has just become the Blogmaster of the John Edwards campaign blog. Some of the bestest, snarkiest bloggers…

MedBlogging of the Week

Grand Rounds: 3.19 are now up on Envisioning 2.0