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Fish Eyes

Lots of food blogging around here lately, so why not re-post this one (from October 27, 2005):

Is it really counter-propaganda?

As a follow-up on the whole PETA brouhaha, my astute commenter oneproudaardvark notices that the SOTU-farce ad campaign by PETA is strangely coinciding with the beginning of the trial against PETA for butchering dogs in the back of the truck here in North Carolina. Cosmic synchronicity? Don’t think so….

Listen to my radio interview

You may remember last week I gave a radio interview. It is airing in Asheville area tonight but you can already listen to it on the Brainshrub blog.

Pediatric Grand Rounds Volume 1 Edition 21: What Dreams May Come…..now up on Unintelligent Design

Anthology update

Now that the Anthology is arriving at people’s homes, getting read and even reviewed on blogs, I hope that more people will take a minute to post reviews or ratings on the actual book webpage. In one week, it has moved from non-existent to 33rd to 27th on the Lulu.com top sellers of the week…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Fruit Flies And Global Warming: Some Like It Hot: Researchers working in Australia have discovered ways in which fruit flies might react to extreme fluctuations in temperature. Short-term exposure to high heat stress (“heat hardening”) has been known to have negative effects on Drosophila. But Loeschcke and Hoffmann discovered that it can have advantages too.…

Clock Quotes

Time cools, time clarifies; no mood can be maintained quite unaltered through the course of hours. Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)


Yes, I know, I’ve been guilty on occasion of this nasty navel-gazing practice myself, but I was never this funny or this funny. Links discovered by Bitch PhD who also indulges herself in some meta-blogging about 18th century blogging. So, this post is meta-meta-meta-blogging itself, isn’t it?


In the series of “Basic Concept And Terms” (yup, I know, John is well known for misspelling people’s last names, including mine), several people have already chimed in with their own definitions of the “gene”, demonstrating how unclear this concept is and how much disagreement there is among the practitioners depending on the type of…

I was tagged…

…by Matt. No celebrity is very much look-alike with me (and I included only male faces to eliminate Lindsay Lohan’s childhood picture): http://www.myheritage.com