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EduBlogging of the Week

The 108th edition of The Carnival of Education is up on Dr. Homeslice Carnival of Homeschooling #60 is up on Homeschool Hacks

This is a story about two mindsets – one scientific, one not – both concerned with the same idea but doing something very different with it. Interestingly, both arrived in my e-mail inbox on the same day, but this post had to wait until I got out of bed and started feeling a little bit…

Professor Steve Steve – new pictures

A few are under the fold, but many more can be found here.

My picks from ScienceDaily

Researchers Discover Key To Body’s Ability To Detect Subtle Temperature Changes: Scientists have long known the molecular mechanisms behind most of the body’s sensing capabilities. Vision, for example, is made possible in part by rhodopsin, a pigment molecule that is extremely sensitive to light. It is involved in turning photons into electrical signals that can…

Liberal Limericks

The 33rd edition of Carnival of the Liberals is up on Blue Gal’s blog.


Be regular and orderly in your daily affairs that you may be violent and original in your work. – Gustave Flaubert

Bad History Carnival

Bad History Carnival is back after a winter break! The 13th edition is up on Old is the New New blog.

Still sick….

…will return to blogging once I get out of bed….

Brains and Imaging

Encephalon no. 17 (Pirate-style) is up on Pure Pedantry. The ninth edition of the Radiology Grand Rounds is up at Cochinblogs

My picks from ScienceDaily

Why Even Close Associates Sometimes Have Trouble Communicating: Particularly among close associates, sharing even a little new information can slow down communication. Some of people’s biggest problems with communication come in sharing new information with people they know well, newly published research at the University of Chicago shows. More…..