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Special Scienceblogs Feed

There are now 59 blogs on Seed Scienceblogs network – that is a lot of stuff to read! You may choose to start your day on the Last 24 Hours aggregator (that’s what I do), or you may subscribe to the entire RSS feed for the whole site, or you may have just picked the feeds for a few of the blogs you particularly like.

Now you have another option – the super-special exclusive Scienceblogs Select feed! Each one of us occasionally (the agreed frequency, I believe, is an average of three posts per week) tags a particularly good post to be included in this feed.

Of course, each one of us has a different idea what a “particularly good post” is, but it is likely to be original, creative, perhaps a little on the longish side, or perhaps hillariously funny. We may tag the posts that we think should go onto the “Basics” list, or we intend to submit to carnivals, or think about submitting for the next years’ anthology. Anyway, it is likely not going to be a one-liner with a link, or a link-fest, or a housekeeping post, or a post that has absolutely nothing to do with science.

By subscribing to this feed, you get the best of the best in your newsfeed reader, as selected by sciencebloggers themselves. Also, if you, along with your own preferred RSS reader, also subscribe to this feed via Google Reader, this may help the Seed scienceblogs content actually show up on Google science feeds and news!