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What may be done at any time will be done at no time. Scottish Proverb

Triangle Bloggers Happy Hour

I’m back and ready to go to bed. After a couple of days of being sick as a dog (hence hit-and-run blogging) I managed to get myself up for tonight’s event which was great fun, but now I am drained, so instead of trying to write a long-winded account of the evening myself, I’ll ask…

Yes, …

…Amanda Marcotte still supports John Edwards. Puts to lie the media framing of “bloggers vs. Edwards”. It was all along “bloggers AND Edwards AND many more ordinary people vs. the Establishment (of both parties) AND the Right Wing smear machine.

Hairless Grey Foxes in North Carolina

Professor identifies mystery creature: The odd-looking animal spotted in several Piedmont counties last year evidently was a hairless gray fox. That’s the conclusion of Jaap Hillenius. He examined the carcass of a similar animal that had been hit by a car in the Charleston, S.C., area. So it wasn’t an exotic cross-species, though some central…

The Best Sneetches on the Beaches

An olde but fun (February 16, 2006):

OK, they call it a ‘forum’ on economic issues only. In Nevada today at noon (local time – 2pm Eastern), streaming here (It will also be on C-SPAN live). Obama is the only announced contender who will be missing. Not to be confused with the August 2007 debate in Nevada, which, believe it or not,…

Bloggers Tonight

Are you coming to the Triangle Bloggers Happy Hour tonight? Sponsored by DukeEngage. There will be free food, free drinks and free wifi, courtesy of Duke University.

EduBlogging of the Week

The 107th Carnival of Education is up on History Is Elementary. Carnival of Homeschooling #60: Presidential Trivia, now up on Homeschool Hacks.

My picks from ScienceDaily

New Research Finds People And Pigeons See Eye To Eye: Pigeons and humans use similar visual cues to identify objects, a finding that could have promising implications in the development of novel technologies, according to new research conducted by a University of New Hampshire professor. Brett Gibson, an assistant professor of psychology who studies animal…


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