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Bosnian Pyramid Update

I really did not have time to follow up on the whole case, but Alun has so check out his latest…. And you can always be up to date by following the postings on the APWR Central blog. I wish the whole thing was just an April’s Fool joke, but unfortunately, it is just one’s…

Blogrolling for today

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Squid Drawing

Jenna drew a squid. Perhaps if I post it here, PZ will see it and post it as well, and send Jenna a Pharyngulanche of visitors to her blog.

A review of evo-devo (Jenner, R.A., Wills, M.A. (2007) The choice of model organisms in evo-devo. Nat Rev Genet. 8:311-314. Epub 2007 Mar 6.) is starting to make rounds on the blogs. I cannot access the paper (I’d like to have it if someone wants to e-mail me the PDF), but the press release (also…


The best way to make it easy for the low-brow followers to kill the enemy is to dehumanize it. That is what right-wing talking-heads have been doing for a while. Of course, if someone actually gets killed, they did not do it – they were just telling “jokes” on radio or TV.

When Yes means No.

When I ask a guy for something, I may get Yes as an answer half the time and No half the time. Yes mostly means Yes and No means No. If the answer is “Let me think about it”, that means usually that within 24 hours or so I will get a definitve Yes or…

At an IDC conference – Jason reports

Jason drove down to Knoxville and attended an ID-Creationist “conference” and lived to tell about it. And tell he did, in five installments: One Two Three Four Five All the usual suspects were there and all the usual nonsense was spouted, but the most interesting part was the Subway-line conversation Jason had (in Part Four),…

Invertebrate Blogging of the Month

Circus of the Spineless #19 is up on Burning Silo

Physics Blogging of the Week

Philosophia Naturalis #8 is up on Metadatta.

Publishing on blogs in social sciences

Alun Salt will be leading a session about the Peer-to-peer publishing and the creative process, i.e., publishing papers on blogs at the Classical Association conference at Birmingham so he has written a post on things he wants to say there – quite an excellent summary of pros and cons of the idea and clearing away…