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Yes, we are on the ball, getting the second conference organized already! The date has been set – so mark your calendars now: January 19th, 2008. You all come to Chapel Hill that day, OK?

We’ll use the wiki again so help us make the event as good as possible by posting suggestions and editing the wiki.

We also need a new logo – so stir up your creative juices and send your suggestions (not to be confused with the logo contest for BlogTogether for which we offer a prize!).

To go with the conference, we’ll be assembling another Science Blogging Anthology, so send your nominations here.


  1. #1 John McKay
    March 21, 2007

    I intend to come this time. I’m not sure how that will fit with our budget or my employment status, but that’s the plan at this point in time. Clever Wife knows about it and is on board with making the appropriate sacrifices.

  2. #2 Alvaro
    March 26, 2007

    Hi Bora, great to hear that.

    Any progress on how to link science blogging with high-school instruction?

    Here you have a little experiment:

    Why couldn’t we approach a number of websites where science teachers hang out and propose some kind of essay contest for high-school students, with winning essays published in our blogs?

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