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Times change and men deteriorate. – Gesta Romanorum

Science Blogging of the Fortnight

Tangled Bank #76 is up on Balancing Life.

MedBlogging of the Week

Grand Rounds Vol. 3, No. 27 are up on MedViews

Belgrade Zoo needs to move!

Long time ago, I mentioned here something about the Belgrade Zoo. The power of Google brought a Belgrader, Sonja, to my blog, who alerted me to the dire conditions in which the Zoo is right now and the existence of her website (made by her and her students) called Zoo SOS whose goal is to…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Chimpanzee Facial Expressions Are Helping Researchers Understand Human Communication: Behavioral researchers led by Lisa Parr, PhD, director of the Yerkes National Primate Research Center Cognitive Testing Facility and Chimpanzee Core, have found understanding chimpanzee facial expressions requires more attention to detail than researchers initially thought. Correctly interpreting the subtleties within chimpanzees’ facial expressions may be…


We all find time to do what we really want to do. – William Feather

Pediatric Blogging of the Month

Pediatric Grand Rounds: Vol 1 Issue 25 is up on Musings of a Distractible Mind. The theme is Tom and Jerry.

Intelligent Timekeepingism

This is, after all, A Blog Around The Clock, so, I guess I should be a strong and vocal proponent of the Clock Theory aka Specified clockplexity. After all, nobody’s ever seen a clock move! So, I should start fighting against vile, rabid, Atheistic Blindtimekeepingism: Atheists often level a strawman at Intelligent Timekeepingist (hereafter referred…

First three months of the year are almost over and… we have only 14 entries so far for the next Science Blogging Anthology! Everything written and posted since December 20th 2006 is fair game. Have you written something really good since then? Send it in. Have you submitted something to a carnival this year yet?…

Homer Evolving….