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An exciting new carnival!

Carnival of the Blue:

World Ocean Day is June 8, and blogfish will host an ocean blog event. Please send links to some of your best recent work, and I’ll post a list of links together with a brief comment.

This is a chance for all of you ocean bloggers out there to come together in one place. I’ve asked around, and there seems to be enough interest to call this a carnival, as the first installment in a regular (monthly) event. Dare we call it carnival of the blue?

Send your links to mpowell at oceanconservancy dot org, and I look forward to hearing from all of you ocean bloggers that I know, along with (hopefully) some that I don’t know.


  1. #1 Denise Washko
    May 31, 2007

    Just wanted to make you aware that The Ocean Project sponsors a World Ocean Day website with a variety of information about World Ocean Day including an updated listing of WOD events occuring around the globe. You can access at http://www.worldoceanday.org.

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