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I And The Bird is not the only carnival coming soon. You should also send your submissions to Panta Rei, Mendel’s Garden, Encephalon, Circus of the Spineless, Festival of the Trees, Oekologie and Gene Genie very soon…

MedBlogging of the Week

Grand Rounds Vol. 3, No. 36 are up on From MedSkool

My Picks From ScienceDaily

Young Meerkats Learn The Emotion Before The Message In Threat Calls: It is well known that human speech can provide listeners with simultaneous information about a person’s emotions and objects in the environment. Past research has shown that animal vocalizations can do the same, but little is known about the development of the features that…


Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. – Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx

Blogrolling for Today

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EnviroBlogging of the week

Carnival of the Green #79 is up on Sustainablog.

U.S. Army to bomb fossils?!

Are they completely insane?

You have only about a day and half to send me your entries for the 50th edition of the wonderful carnival I And The Bird. The deadline is tomorrow night, May 29th at 11:59pm EDT. E-mail: coturnix AT gmail DOT com

Believe it or not….

…but I am teaching tonight! No rest on Memorial Day for speed classes. Furthermore, I am giving the first exam (the hardest of the three). Ah, how the students are going to love me….

Medical Imaging of the Month

Radiology Grand Rounds #11 are up on Sumer’s Radiology Site.