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Not that it costs anything to have one… Yet, the Konsortium of science libraries in Serbia is seriously contemplating shutting down their KOBSON blog, an invaluable tool in science communication in the region. Danica, who the regular readers of this blog are quite familiar with as she is the Number One Champion for Open Science…

Always wanted to go to Barcelona!

The Shadow of the Wind Thank you

Referees’ Reviews on PLoS-ONE

It’s always intriguing to know what the peer-reviewers have thought and written about a particular manuscript. Now, you can find out, at least in some cases, on PLoS-ONE papers. Chris Surridge explains.

Birds and other animals

I And The Bird #52 is up on The Wandering Tattler Friday Ark #145 is up on the Modulator

Blogswarm against Theocracy

July 1st through July 4th. Here are the detailed instructions how to participate.

My Picks From ScienceDaily

The Newest Artificial Intelligence Computing Tool: People: A USC Information Sciences Institute researcher thinks she has found a new source of artificial intelligence computing power to solve difficult IT problems of information classification, reliability, and meaning. That tool, according to ISI computer scientist Kristina Lerman, is people, human intelligence at work on the social web,…


Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time. – Abraham Lincoln

I have got to see this movie! Is it coming to the USA any time soon? Or Netflix? Thanks Peggy…I won’t be able to sleep tonight, scared of the bleating woolly terror!

PLoS on Facebook

You can now join the PLoS cause and the PLoS group if you want. If you are my friend, you can see all sorts of other groups and causes I have joined as well….

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