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Geography of Science

Stem-Cell research is easier in some places than others. Help us locate exactly where. When is the North Carolina/Triangle community going to try to push hard for state funding of stem-cell research? Or have I missed something?

Storm World

My copy of the book just arrived in the mail. This answers my question of what to read in SF (at least until Harry Potter VII comes out…).

Physics of Nursing in Space

Philosophia Naturalis #11 – Powers of 11 – is up on Highly Allochthonous. The first anniversary edition of The Change Of Shift is up on NursingLink. Carnival of Space #9 is up on The Planetary Society Weblog

New and Exciting on PLoS-ONE

A whole bunch of papers got published on PLoS-ONE yesterday. I did not have time to check them out very closely yet, but a few titles immediatelly caught my attention: High Costs of Female Choice in a Lekking Lizard by Maren N. Vitousek, Mark A. Mitchell, Anthony J. Woakes, Michael D. Niemack and Martin Wikelski…

My Picks From ScienceDaily

Mathematicians Discover A Simple Way To Formulate Complex Scientific Results: A new analysis of behaviour in a structured population illuminates Darwin’s theories of co-operation and competition between kin, and provides an abstract model that could simplify scientists’ quest to map behaviour among disease-causing organisms within a cell. The study by Queen’s Mathematics and Statistics professor…


Blow the dust off the clock. Your watches are behind the times. Throw open the heavy curtains which are so dear to you: You do not even suspect that the day has already dawned outside. – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Summer Plans

I’ll be leaving in one week and staying in San Francisco for one month. I’ll be busy, to say the least. What should I do with the blog in the meantime? After all, it is the middle of the summer when everyone is travelling or enjoying the great outdoors and the online traffic is pitiful…

Conservatives, Animals and Cruelty

What Archy says… Related…

Blogging About Bush

Everyone always blogs about Bush… After all, Bush is such an easy target – there is not a day that he or some of his buddies do not do something outrageously bad. And with the Media covering it as if it was OK, where else can one voice outrage if not on blogs. So, it…

More on Framing Science

These three links have recently become freely available: Chris Mooney’s interview with Treehugger. Chris Mooney’s article in Harper’s Magazine/ And a report from the NYAS meeting.