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There is a new study this week about an unusual reproductive strategy in a bird, the Penduline Tit, which, if anthropomorphized, would appear to be an example of some really bad, deceptive parenting. But, Anne-Marie and Kate demonstrate the proper way to think about this. Obligatory Readings of the Day.

Today’s Carnivals

Encephalon #28 is up on Bohemian Scientist. Gene Genie #12 is up on My Biotech Life. Triskaidekaphilia: the 13th Carnival of Mathematics is up on Polymathematics. Carnival of the Green #88 is up on Nicomachus. Grand Rounds, Vol.3, n.45 are up on Health Business Blog Radiology Grand Rounds XIV are up on Sumer’s Radiology Site.…

Open Access news

The Demise of Old-Fashioned Scholarly Journals? (I love the photo on the top of the article!) Thoughts about the sea of information Open Science like the start of Apple? Nonsense, and pernicious nonsense at that. Reading Journals Can Seriously Damage Your Wallet Hybrid journals and the transition to OA Oxford open access experiments Oxford: Traditional…

Snubbed by Google News!?

What Kevin says.

The Amplitude Problem

If you are one of the few of my readers who actually slogged through my Clock Tutorials, especially the difficult series on Entrainment and Phase Response Curves, you got to appreciate the usefulness of the oscillator theory from physics in its application to the study of biological clocks. Use of physics models in the study…

Going into more and more detail, here is a February 11, 2005 post about the current knowledge about the circadian organization in my favourite animal – the Japanese quail.


Is there a new Tuberculosis vaccine in the making? Another movie is being made about Ivory-Bill woodpeckers. A new astronomical explanation for the cycles of extinctions.


There are two kinds of people in the world: the Givers and the Takers. The difference between the two is that the Takers eat well, and the Givers sleep well at night. – Joy Mills

Persistence In Perfusion

This post, from January 25, 2006, describes part of the Doctoral work of my lab-buddy Chris.

Potter, again

Now that I have finished reading HP7, I finally let myself go around and see what others are writing. Here is some of the best I found so far, to be read only if you have finished the book (or do not care for spoilers). There is a paper that looks at sociopolitical aspects of…