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Dinner with Genie

Last night, Professor Steve Steve took off work a little earlier and went to Oakland to see the offices of the National Center for Science Education, then went to Berkeley for dinner with the NCSE staff and fans at Eugenie Scott’s house. Lots of pictures under the fold:

The logo at the back entrance:
i-d4c57b07f0b308e66512b023d3ce796b-NCSE logo.jpg

The map of Creationist flare-ups:
i-ebc9fc56acf31b6e7325cf04eaa460d8-creationist map.jpg

Professor Steve Steve admires his official courtroom sketch with Judge Jones at the Kitzmiller trial in Dover, PA:
i-a4a111477ccfd2c3fb50cd3db3fef763-Steve and portrait.jpg

They have cool toys at NCSE, but we could not find the alleged Steve Steve impostor who is supposed to be there, waiting to be challanged to a duel to settle down, once forever, who is the real Professor Steve Steve:
i-f883f9b5e4ebfb7dd7e76e61a7f2a2ab-toys at NCSE.jpg
i-58aa92d329a2bf4d7149764e69409524-toys at NCSE 2.jpg

Here is Genie fixing the delicious dinner:
i-6f70db612acb42c5d7cb345693087bf2-Genie in the kitchen.jpg

After dinner, Mr.Scott and Professor Steve Steve decided to recline:
i-ba36c33213b404f3e46fdc06dffd3234-Mr.Scott and SteveSteve.jpg

And more after-dinner pictures of Glenn Branch, Carrie Sager, Nick Matzke, Taner Edis, Susan Spath and others, most of whose names you’ll see on posts at Panda’s Thumb
i-88ff5f418a4fe0a737f08e21a3a9ce03-dinner 1.jpg
i-d1a836898700c903f2359ee30706549e-dinner 2.jpg
i-7e9fa19ab2ddb190132173453f7e33c4-Nick Matzke.jpg
i-12b89d84e82dec6d6d0d97895907b24d-dinner 3.jpg
i-ccade5f163df0219ac69b7b1cf63f58f-dinner 4.jpg

This was great fun! So many smart, witty (and pun-loving) people at one place, plus a conversation full of anti-Creationist lore!


  1. #1 Glenn Branch
    July 27, 2007

    That’s Mr. Sager, not Mr. Scott.

  2. #2 Carrie
    July 27, 2007

    Well, “Mr. Scott” gives him context.

  3. #3 Luke
    February 2, 2009

    No, “Mr. Sager” gives him context.

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