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Steve Steve, the Pinball Wizard

Last night I went all the way to Alameda to meet my SciBling Chris Hoofnagle at a place called Lucky Juju. That was great fun!
i-87d3612597d060f8da25f19610df68a9-Chris Hoofnagle.jpg

Lucky Juju is a warehouse full of pinball machines. In addition to Chris’ interns at Berkeley, there were also interns from Stanford’s Center for Internets and Society there, ACLU of Northern California, EFF, Internet Archive, Creative Commons, and the First Amendment Project. And a couple of us from PLoS. And, of course, Professor Steve Steve, who displayed some real pinball wizardry while singing “See me, Feel me, Touch me, Heal me”….
i-b2d84dab680c9e08d80601960b27dc91-Pinball SteveSteve 1.jpg
i-311f9dd2b8902ec7614f260ed4c1c473-Pinball SteveSteve 2.jpg