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Naomi Oreskes, the author of the 2004 paper in Science about the scientific consensus on global warming, recently had her work attacked by regressive denialists (including on Senator I-hate-science-Inhofe’s blog). Her full response is now available on Stranger Fruit. Go and read it. Now.

Where in the World is Coturnix?

If you were amazed the other night to find I was not online for a long time, not blogging, not commenting, not responding to e-mail, not on Facebook, now you know where I was – spreading Brotherhood and Unity in the Triangle area blogging community. And if the same phenomenon happens tonight, here’s a hint…

In a commentary and a blog post, the editors of PLoS Medicine ask: ….is there still a reluctance to accept that anything useful can be learned from research without numbers? An old question that tends to generate a lot of heat. Where do you stand on it, within medicine or within your own area of…

SciVee update

As you may have heard, the public rollout of SciVee was inadvertent and premature – seen by everyone at the time there were only one or two movies up and not all the capabilities in place yet. It is nice to hear that more functionalities are about to go up later today: In response to…

Blog Day 2007

Today is the third annual BlogDay. Pick five blogs and tell your readers why they should check them out. It is nicely undefined, i.e., what constitutes “new”, but I guess DailyKos is out of the running. Also, instead of pointing you to any of my Sciblings, just go to the scienceblogs.com front page, and check…

New pictures, under the fold


We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch. – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Today’s Carnivals

Skeptics’ Circle #68 is up on Aardvarchaeology Carnival of Space #18 is up on Out of the Cradle Carnival of the Liberals #46 is up on Truth in Politics

The next journal to be launched by the Public Library of Science is PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases. To whet your appetite, two papers were published in advance, both on the cause of River Blindness and the evolution of resistance to the anti-parasitic ivermectin: a research paper Genetic Selection of Low Fertile Onchocerca volvulus by Ivermectin…

New science carnival!

Geologists and other Earth/planetary science bloggers have gotten together and started The Accretionary Wedge. First edition will be this Sunday night so send your entries. Spread the word on your blogs. Also, think about the logo and make one if you have artistic talents.