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More pictures from scifoo at Googleplex under the fold – text will come later….

i-cd8b2f1bd047aad5b8a2469c565bf71e-Andrew W.jpg
Andrew Walkingshaw

i-50f9ed4688882f5e2cf3b49d48792153-Beth Noveck.jpg
Beth Noveck

i-5380b025bb1e7acf2d87d9a13dc6102d-Chris Anderson.jpg
Chris Anderson

i-eac381ae12bc8fa55362b45c9048a41a-Josh Knauer.jpg
Josh Knauer

i-d0f96014b0e928ec8cd564f1f407c589-Stephana and Kaitlin.jpg
Stephana Patton (who is, btw, listed on Project Steve) and Kaitlin Thaney

i-12f54112d7892502013273e2210a6343-Stuart Pimm.jpg
Stuart Pimm

i-74a681d5a1becb9068f48117fe756841-Vuaghan Bell.jpg
Vaughan Bell

i-0275eeb9a50710609b18a00fb031f12e-Vuaghan, Eva and Genie.jpg
Vaughan, Eva Vertes and Eugenie Scott – invasion of polka dots!

i-ba96876e91a5fde53426fe5a90f4241a-Steve Steve and the $100 laptop.jpg
i-526ea5f8b21fee207300e78d6ee06def-Steve Steve and the $100 laptop 2.jpg
Professor Steve Steve checking out the $100 laptop (yes, that is beer he is having…).


  1. #1 Duncan Hull
    August 6, 2007

    Hi Bora, great pictures, it was good to meet you. I was trying to find the scifoo facebook group you set up but it doesn’t seem to be there yet? Cheers Duncan

  2. #2 Sheril R. Kirshenbaum
    August 6, 2007

    Why Bora, I see you met Stuart out west! Wish I could have ScienceFoo’d with you. I’m headed to CA this week, but can’t wait to see you and Prof Steve Steve upon your return to NC.

    And of course, The Big Apple awaits..

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