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Finally got home – after a month! So nice to see my wife again, and my son (daughter is at the beach). Dog and two of the cats (Orange Julius and Biscuit) were very happy to see me – I’ll find the third one later.

I need to sleep.

Scifoo is a 20h/day affair – getting up at 7am, eating Googleplex food while talking to some amazing folks, attending about a zillion sessions per day (each one-hour long with no breaks in-between), then staying up until 3am or so talking to smart, interesting people, until the wine and sleepiness make us all a little less smart and interesting.

I promise I will have more to say once I get some sleep!

Just one more anecdote before bed: Alex was wondering something when thinking about Martha Stewart’s concept of a Paperless House (essentially a wiki that contains everything one needs to know and organize around the house) – isn’t there going to be one kind of paper that will remain essential even in a paperless house – the toilet paper?

Well, he said he did not have the opportunity to ask her this question himself (Alex, you MAKE opportunities!), so I walked up to her and asked her if the Paperless House will still have that one remaining type of paper in the bathroom. Her response: “Well, I think everyone should have a bidet”. She won – I admit. Pwnd. She is funny.

Jonathan was standing right behind me and he heard the entire conversation, after which we had to scoop him off the floor, where he was laughing quite intensely…


  1. #1 apalazzo
    August 7, 2007

    Thanks for getting that info 😉 also did this occur during the same encounter when she served you lasagna?

  2. #2 coturnix
    August 7, 2007

    No, this was just before her session, which I did not attend.

  3. #3 coturnix
    August 7, 2007

    I trust Anna about the session itself.

  4. #4 Jonathan Eisen
    August 8, 2007

    The best part for me was it was like one of those cell pone ads where someone says something and the response is silence. All I could hear was Bora. I could not hear what she was saying in response. But I could sense that she was completely non plussed like what Bora was asking was perfectly normal (which of course, it was not …).

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