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Science Foo Camp – Sunday

I will be on the airplane for North Carolina in a couple of hours, and will wrote more about scifoo once I get back (and get some sleep – yes, occasionally, I do sleep). But, for now, the last couple of pictures and some links for you to see what others are writing.

Sunday morning I had lunch with Ed Boyden
i-fec1bcab0d895347fbdf62c8c288f1b7-Ed Boyden.jpg

…and Jacqueline Floyd:
i-f595066e543d1268ca33dcd321cae7dc-Jackie Floyd.jpg

If you attended the camp and want to keep networking with other attendees, please join the Science Foo Camp Facebook group.

Check what other scifoo bloggers are writing at the official aggregator.

Use the Technorati tag/search for scifoo to see what others are writing.

People have already uploaded a bunch of pictures on Flickr so check the scifoo tag.

Finally, here is the Googleplex crew that made it all happen. There was no request outrageous enough, or problem difficult enough, that a Google staffer could not fix it within seconds. Second from left is Stacey who ran the operation, and on the right (white coat) is, if I remember correctly her name, Maria – the public face of legendary Google kitchen. Thank you all!
i-6ac77463adf7f3e7a3b0503b3b265e0b-Google crew.jpg

Taking over the Silicon Valley
Science Foo Camp – Friday
Science Foo Camp – Saturday morning
Science Foo Camp – Saturday afternoon


  1. #1 Michael Weiss-Malik
    August 6, 2007

    FYI, left-to-right the names are actually:
    Mari, Leslie, Tiffany, Michael, Mirit.

  2. #2 coturnix
    August 7, 2007

    Thank you for that info. I should have jotted down the names when I took the picture in the first place – bad, bad journalist!

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