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OK, this will be the last series of pictures of my Sciblings from the shindig of the past weekend. As you may have noticed, several others have posted their recollections and pictures on their blogs. You can also see some pictures on Flickr and Facebook and please add and tag more if you have them.

I have noticed it several times before, but this is something that really came out in full force at the Meetup as we really feel like an online family – meeting people online can produce real freindships. Then, when you meet offline for the first time after years of cyberchatter, there is nothing else to do but hug and continue the conversation over a beer as if you personally have known each other for year. There is no need to spend any time ‘getting to know’ each other.

In many ways, I know some of my blogfriends better than I know some of my real-life colleagues and acquaintances, as personality and some deeper secrets come out in people’s writings, even if they are really good at concealing those in person. The good thing is that I actually really like all of my Sciblings and meeting them all in person just reinforced this feeling – what a fantastic bunch of people!

And, in addition to them, we got to meet a couple of our readers/commenters on Saturday night which was just so great! Pictures under the fold.

Dave and Greta Munger got to meet Professor Steve Steve:
i-61f677015b3116caa66986298078da94-Dave and Greta.jpg
i-ed6d0d5d952597e551eddfe6a142155a-Dave and Greta and SteveSteve.jpg

Interestingly, early on, at Seed offices, Professor Steve Steve met …. another Professor Steve Steve! An impostor! How outrageous. The first Professor Steve Steve said to the second:

– Ha, I am the version 1.0, the original one!

The other one responded:

– That means you are static and I am dynamic…

Here are some of the other Sciblings – Chris Rowan and James Hrynyshyn:
i-6b7fdf210ec18be978380af2341f2a59-Chris R and James H.jpg

PZ Myers and Josh Rosenau look a little hazy here – perhaps that was my own beer haze:
i-d5379cbb5204d8bd2165585e399e90ac-fuzzu PZ Myers and Josh R.jpg

Ginny Hughes:
i-644476b7fdbde0218cbe581655276641-Ginny H.jpg

James Hrynyshyn and Catharine Zivkovic:
i-79ff433d3313ab88c741827cea6d6d5c-James H and Catharine Z.jpg

Jake Young, Kara Contreary, Ginny Hughes and James Hrynyshyn:
i-97d4c7ab1ff48eb32587ce62c5d7bc49-Jake, Kara, Ginny, James.jpg

Janet Stemwedel:
i-ece789ac90cfda4daac26d00958ae111-Janet S.jpg

Kara Contreary:
i-03e590a8f5933578c4f5bfcecc37a558-Kara C 2.jpg

Catharine Zivkovic:
i-ecce51217c10aff6ced0185b15fa8f3f-Catharine Z.jpg

Mike Dunford, Josh Rosenau and Grrrrl:
i-2ad8ba5f04b4876936fb5f1b2b6b352a-Mike D, Josh R and Grrrrl.jpg

Mo Costandi, Mike Dunford and PZ Myers:
i-13b1eaa60e61087c661e5bcd5c3fc2a8-Mo, Mike D and PZ.jpg

Mo Costandi, Tara Smith and Evil Monkey:
i-18f3f85b8917745d7aefd6f9052e06ea-Mo, Tara and Evil.jpg

Here, between Grrrrl and PZ Myers is Hank Fox – we have been meeting each other on atheist blogs for something like three years:
i-ef487cda92233a665e088930029e8388-Grrrrl, Hank and PZ.jpg

David Reeves reads all scienceblogs, but I claim him as MY reader as his research is in chronobiology, so we had plenty to talk about:
i-b92f7336dba270f68a3509ce58c5212a-David Reeves.jpg

David Reeves and Suzanne Franks:
i-67362add696256ba18ec5d48b2204c0f-David Reeves and Zuska.jpg

Mo Costandi and David Reeves:
i-20919cd18101638dcfd9f8ae2c29e382-Mo and David Reeves.jpg

Janet Stemwedel, Grrrlscientist, David Reeves (and, on the screen, Humphrey Bogart):
i-4e2f2aeaa43347eaf0e8c364767830e1-Janet, Grrrl, David Reeves and Humphrey Bogart.jpg

And this is one of my favourite new(ish) bloggers (why is she not on SB yet, I don’t know) – Kate Seip:
i-bc68cb0daae01a62ac265d145b62c15a-Kate Seip.jpg

And here are Suzanne Franks and Kate Seip:
i-f66c2077d0ae39b00af22f7f40a0faf3-Zuska and Kate Seip.jpg
i-81b069759daf25f855e35b8f4ee9afce-Zuska and Kate Seip 2.jpg

I hope to meet all of you and more next year!

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  1. #1 Jackie
    August 20, 2007

    Hey Bora,
    Looks like everyone had a great time. I wanted to go, but couldn’t make it at the last minute. Thanks for the pictures.

  2. #2 DaveR
    August 20, 2007

    Great to meet you Bora, and thanks for being so welcoming. See you all again soon!

  3. #3 coturnix
    August 20, 2007

    Jackie, sorry you could not make it. I got your note and was wondering if I should have told the hostess the name of the next dive once we left BBar, but that was already 10:30pm or so, and I deduced you were not coming. Next time I’m in NYC we’ll meet for sure.

    Dave, I was so happy to meet you. Now that we are sober again, perhaps we can actually talk science (over e-mail or something)….

  4. #4 Hank Fox
    August 20, 2007

    Thanks for putting names to all those faces for me. And it was great to meet you!

    As I said on your Flickr site, I agree about the feeling of community. I felt like I was among My People for those few hours Saturday night.

  5. #5 coturnix
    August 20, 2007

    Hank, pleasure is all mine. It was great to meet you in person and, thanks to you, I also got to talk to Carl Buell on the phone! You were always one of My People, and now this is cemented for good.

  6. #6 Mo
    August 21, 2007

    I said this over at Zuska’s but can’t resist saying it again:

    Of all the gin joints in all the world…

    …the one selling 5 shots for $10 is the one to be in!

  7. #7 Mo
    August 28, 2007

    By the way, have you noticed how happy everyone is while talking to me?

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