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Blogger Blowback

On Sunday, LATimes published a viciously uninformed piece about blogging by some Skube guy (who appears to be here in NC though I have never heard of him before). The blogosphere, as expected, responded with laughter and dismay.

Today, LATimes published a response by NYU J-school professor (who I have most definitely heard of, and even met in person once) Jay Rosen – The journalism that bloggers actually do:

Blowback! That’s what you’re in for when a great American newspaper runs a Sunday opinion piece as irretrievably lame as “Blogs: All the noise that fits” by Michael Skube…

The article lists a few examples (collected in the most blogospheric manner possible – in the comments thread on Jay Rosen’s blog, subsequently fact-checked and vetted before publication), including one distinctly science-related example – the George Deutch affair in which my Scibling Nick Anthis did some investigative reporting which resulted in a highly visible resignation of Deutch from NASA.