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Katrina Anniversary

I went to my old blog to see if and what I blogged about during and after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast two years ago. I was astonished at just how much I posted! My blogging style is, like, so different today.

Of course, I made a big linkfest of the best that was written on blogs at the time, a useful reminder of some of the details if you are looking for inspiration for your own posts:

Best Katrina Blogging (so far)

But, check this torrent of posting! I can’t believe I did it! Some are one-liners with links, some are long quotes from others, some are provocative and sharp-tongued thoughts of my own, and a couple are pictorial:

How did animals fare in the path of the hurricane?
Castro and the Hurricanes….
How the Free Market Killed New Orleans
Bush Declares War On Weather!
Ghost Town
Animals in the wake of Katrina
The Recent History of FEMA
Rescuing Horses from New Orleans
A progressive response to the New Orleans Disaster
Katrina timelines
Looting Mob. What Mob?
Lakoff on Katrina and beyond
Brownie No More
Stop Beating on Bush!
Walking Out Of New Orleans
First head to fall….
Sin of Pride
We The People?
Another Survivor Story
The New Orleans catastrophe is inexplicable, or is it?
A Pictorial Guide to the last Two Weeks
Form Before Function – FEMA prevented doctors from helping Katrina victims
Katrina: good local perspective
Sometimes You Just Don’t Know
Kerry on Katrina
Edwards on Katrina
Message in a Bottle

But for today’s anniversary, I’d like you to go and read Sheril Kirshenbaum’s story: …but We ALL Knew Katrina Was Coming!, and Chris Mooney’s four-part post – the best reading on the topic this week:

Hurricane Katrina Lessons, Part I: Learning to Live With Scientific Uncertainty
Hurricane Katrina Lessons, Part II: It’s Bigger Than New Orleans
Hurricane Katrina Lessons, Part III: Why Aren’t We Studying Changing Risks?
Hurricane Katrina Lessons, Part IV: It’s the President, Stupid