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Katrina Anniversary

I went to my old blog to see if and what I blogged about during and after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast two years ago. I was astonished at just how much I posted! My blogging style is, like, so different today. Of course, I made a big linkfest of the best that was written…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Mystery Of A Third Olfactory System Unlocked: Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have found a “nose within the nose,” a unique olfactory system within the noses of mice that is able to “smell” hormones involved in regulating water and salt balance in the body. This research may lead to new insights…

Today’s Carnivals

Tangled Bank #87 is up on Balancing Life Four Stone Hearth #22 is up on Hominin Dental Anthropology The 134th Carnival of Education is up on Matthewktabor.com. The latest Carnival of Homeschooling is up on The Common Room.


If by the time we are 60 we haven’t learned what a knot of paradox and contradiction life is, and how exquisitely the good and bad are mingled in every action we take, and what a compromising hostess Our Lady of Truth is, we haven’t grown old to much purpose. – John Cowper Powys

The Joys of Blogging Biology

One cool thing about being a blogging biologist is that one can write every day about sex with a straight face and then blame readers for “having a dirty mind”. But sex is so interesting – life would cease to exist without it and it is a central question in biology, so we have a…

Tanja and Doug

I mentioned that I met Tanja and Doug on Sunday. They just sent me some pictures from the meeting (under the fold) and you can also see their wildlife pictures here.

Bloggers For Peer Review Icon Contest

The BPR3 icon contest just got even richer. It’s worth your time and energy!

New and Exciting in PLoS ONE

There are 32 new articles on PLoS ONE this week. Here are some titles that caught my eye – go read, rate, annotate and comment: Why Men Matter: Mating Patterns Drive Evolution of Human Lifespan: Evolutionary theory predicts that senescence, a decline in survival rates with age, is the consequence of stronger selection on alleles…

See the entire comic strip here, as this is just the panel most relevant to yesterday’s news:

My picks from ScienceDaily

Super Spiders Make Bolder Birds: Recent research has revealed that by feeding spiders to their chicks, birds can manipulate the personality and learning ability of their young. In a report recently published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, University of Glasgow researchers reveal that birds preferentially feed their young spiders containing taurine.…