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My Picks from ScienceDaily

Does The Victim Affect Snake Venom Composition?: A snake’s intended prey might affect the type and evolution of toxins in their venom, research published in BMC Evolutionary Biology shows. In snakes, venom composition varies both between species and within a particular species. Land snakes feed on a range of animals and birds, so scientists think…


It is time I stepped aside for a less experienced and less able man. – Professor Scott Elledge

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Janet and Abel alert me that Six Apart (yup, those folks who made MoveableType on which I am typing right now) are supporting DonorsChoose, by issuing a bloggers challenge: “You can request a gift certificate worth $30 at donorschoose@sixapart.com. Request your code now — they’re available until noon on Monday.” What a great way to…


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My picks from ScienceDaily

Altruism Evolved From Maternal Behavior, Wasp Genetics Study Suggests: Researchers at the University of Illinois have used an innovative approach to reveal the molecular basis of altruistic behavior in wasps. The research team focused on the expression of behavior-related genes in Polistes metricus paper wasps, a species for which little genetic data was available when…


The most dangerous words in the English language are, “This time it’s different.” – Sir John Templeton

New on PLoS today!

Lots of new stuff on PLoS today. So, let’s go over it one by one. First, today is the inaugural day of the Clinical Trials Hub, central place for all the papers reporting on clinical trials and discussions of them, hosted on TOPAZ platform (just like PLoS ONE) so users can comment, rate and annotate…

Running, breathing and being a horse

Yesterday, Chris Clarke wrote a post that I read three times so far, then finally submitted it myself for Reed’s consideration for the anthology. Most science bloggers are excellent writers, but rare is the gift that Chris displays in many a post, of weaving many threads into a coherent story that is also gripping and…

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