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Science Blogging Survey

There is a new online survey up, designed by some of my SciBlings, about the background and online habits of science bloggers and science blog readers (not just scienceblogs.com, but all science blogs). Please take a minute to respond:

This survey attempts to access the opinions of bloggers, blog-readers, and non-blog folk in regards to the impact of blogs on the outside world. The authors of the survey are completing an academic manuscript on the impact of science blogging and this survey will provide invaluable data to answer the following questions:

Who reads or writes blogs?
What are the perceptions of blogging, and what are the views of those who read blogs?
How do academics and others perceive science blogging?
What, if any, influence does science blogging have on science in general?

Please consider participating in the survey as an act of ‘internet solidarity’! It will likely take 10 minutes, and a bit more if you are a blogger yourself. We thank you in advance.

Just click here and answer a few questions, please – it is for a good cause, but you’ll have to wait a little until everything is revealed.


  1. #1 Peter Murray-Rust
    September 17, 2007

    I get:
    This survey is currently closed.


  2. #2 coturnix
    September 17, 2007

    Yes – the limit of 1000 responders has been reached in less than 10 hours. The survey is now complete. Thank you all.

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