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Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk. – Doug Larson

My picks from ScienceDaily

Cockroaches Are Morons In The Morning, Geniuses In The Evening: In its ability to learn, the cockroach is a moron in the morning and a genius in the evening. Dramatic daily variations in the cockroach’s learning ability were discovered by a new study performed by Vanderbilt University biologists and published online recently in the Proceedings…

What a Difference a Century Makes

From a reasonable concern for Animal Welfare by Lewis Carroll to the mean and stupid Animal Rightists of today.

How could I resist….

…taking pictures of Marbles and Orange Julius a minute ago – aren’t they sweet?

Oxytocin and Childbirth. Or not.

When teaching human or animal physiology, it is very easy to come up with examples of ubiqutous negative feedback loops. On the other hand, there are very few physiological processes that can serve as examples of positive feedback. These include opening of the ion channels during the action potential, the blood clotting cascade, emptying of…

That is where you will find the 70th Skeptics’ Circle.

My picks from ScienceDaily

Solving A Dragonfly Flight Mystery: Dragonflies adjust their wing motion while hovering to conserve energy, according to a Cornell University study of the insect’s flight mechanics. The revelation contradicts previous speculation that the change in wing motion served to enhance vertical lift. Mice Teeth Explain The Troubles With Human Wisdom Teeth: During evolution, many of…


No man whose sex life was satisfactory ever became a moral censor. – Mina Loy

Open Laboratory 2008

Now that the registration for the Science Blogging Conference is open, it is time to remind you that the new edition of the Science Blogging Anthology, “Open Laboratory 2007”, is in the works and is accepting your suggestions. Although the entire process, from the initial idea all the way to having a real book printed…

Back in July, the House of Representatives passed a bill that requires all the NIH-funded research to be made freely available to the public within at most 12 months subsequent to publication. The equivalent bill has passed the Senate Appropriations Committee earlier this summer and will be up for vote in the Senate very soon!…