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Cool Animal Meme

This was Anton’s idea, at the dinner the other night, but I will get it started here anyway. An interesting animal I had I never owned an unusual species of animal. As a little kid I had small turtle named Aeschillus. Later I had two horses, half-brothers, whose names meant the same in two different…

Blogrolling for Today

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Today’s Carnivals

Four Stone Hearth #24 is up on _Paddy K_ Tangled Bank #89 is up on Aardvarchaeology The 138th edition of the Carnival of Education is up on Global Citizenship in a Virtual World Carnival of the Liberals #48 is up on Liberal England The 91st Carnival of Homeschooling is up on The Voice of Experience

My picks from ScienceDaily

You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks — With The Right Diet: These supplements, acetyl-l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid, are continuing to be studied in work with humans, and scientists believe they may provide a new approach to the neurodegeneration and cognitive decline common with aging. Amazon Forest Shows Unexpected Resiliency During Drought: Drought-stricken…


Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason. – Jerry Seinfeld

Foodblogging – the Dinner last night

The highlight of this week’s foodblogging event must have been last night’s dinner at Piedmont restaurant in Durham. Anton has several posts about the events of the past couple of days, including a detailed description (including the menu, and exactly who was there – about 30 people) of the dinner itself. I came a little…

Marbles and Orange Julius

These were taken the day after the pseudo-move, as soon as the cats came back from a weekend at the vet. Biscuit was hiding, but the other two explored the new environs:

What all the candidates are saying.

New and Exciting in PLoS ONE

Steve Irwin’s last paper is not the only exciting article to appear on PLoS ONE today – there are 40 more, and here are a few I am excited about – a veritable embarassment of riches! When am I ever going to find time to read them all! Oxytocin in the Circadian Timing of Birth…

Last paper by Steve Irwin!

Just published about an hour ago (if it was in hardcopy, it would still be hot off the presses). And it is a wonderful paper! Australian crocs can and will travel much longer distances than was previously thought and their homing instinct is strong and navigational capacity excellent, even in a case where a large…