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Computational Biology around the world

Johanna Dehlinger writes: In September, PLoS Computational Biology begins a series entitled “Developing Computational Biology” about the pursuit of scientific endeavors in computational biology around the world. Each country has unique features in areas from educational programs, types of research being undertaken and the ways that research is funded. The series starts with a perspective…

Come to ConvergeSouth

This is why you should attend ConvergeSouth. OK, Anton will lead a session, and so will I, but check out the entire program – it is just getting more and more amazing every year! And it is probably the most pleasant and enjoyable conference in any given year.

And it is hard to find anyone better than Brian: I am now available for hire to consult on the creation, care, and feeding of online communities. Plus I can create audio and video for the web. To get an idea of my professional experience you can check out my resume here and my portfolio…

Today’s Carnivals

What’s Up, Postdoc? September Carnival is up on … ponderings of a fool. Grand Rounds is starting its 4th year of existence up on Kevin MD’s blog. Congratulations! Carnival of the Green #96 is up on Karavans.

A bunch of new articles got published in PLoS Medicine and PLoS Biology yesterday. Here are my two picks, and you go and check the rest: Brain Dynamics Underlying the Nonlinear Threshold for Access to Consciousness: Understanding the neural mechanisms that distinguish between conscious and nonconscious processes is a crucial issue in cognitive neuroscience. In…

My picks from ScienceDaily

If You Want More Babies, Find A Man With A Deep Voice: Men who have lower-pitched voices have more children than do men with high-pitched voices, researchers have found. And their study suggests that for reproductive-minded women, mate selection favours men with low-pitched voices. Spaceflight Can Change Bacteria Into More Infectious Pathogens: Space flight has…


While reason is puzzling itself about mystery, faith is turning it to daily bread, and feeding on it thankfully in her heart of hearts. – F. D. Huntington

Sarah Wallace, Matt Ford, ScienceGoGo and Jason Stajich comment on the fungus that gets its energy from radiation. I’ve heard of Deinococcus radiodurans before, but this is a fungus! Well, if there is an energy source to tap into, even if it is in the middle of Chernobyl, some life form is likely to find…

Today’s Carnivals

Encephalon #32 is up on Living the Scientific Life. Gene Genie #16 is up on Neurophilosophy.


Come out of the circle of time And into the circle of love. – Jalal-Uddin Rumi