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Gene Study Supports Single Main Migration Across Bering Strait:

Did a relatively small number of people from Siberia who trekked across a Bering Strait land bridge some 12,000 years ago give rise to the native peoples of North and South America?

Greg Laden and Jake Young comment.

Dogs Can Classify Complex Photos In Categories Like Humans Do:

Like us, our canine friends are able to form abstract concepts. Friederike Range and colleagues from the University of Vienna in Austria have shown for the first time that dogs can classify complex color photographs and place them into categories in the same way that humans do. And the dogs successfully demonstrate their learning through the use of computer automated touch-screens, eliminating potential human influence.

Using Beetle Biology To Protect Beehives:

A new way to lessen damage from small hive beetles in honey bee colonies has been developed by Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in Gainesville, Fla. Small hive beetles (Aethina tumida) began appearing in U.S. hives during the past 15 to 20 years and now infest bee colonies throughout the East.

Stopping for Deer: Sensing, Movement And Behavior Illuminated:

Driving down a country road at night your car’s headlights illuminate a deer in your path, and the creature doesn’t move. Depending on your speed and other conditions, chances are good you will hit the deer. And if you do, it’s because you are in what is fittingly defined as the “collision mode,” according to a Northwestern University study.