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They come and go. The good blogs. Kate has decided to stop posting (but not delete) her magnificient Anterior Commissure. Perhaps it’s because the topic is of interest to me: hormones and behavior, or because the topic is of universal interest – sex, or because of her personality shining through in each post, but this was one of my favourite blogs over the past several months. So, I am sad to see it closed. Perhaps one of her posts will make it into the Open Laboratory 2007 – that would be nice.

I understand she needs to wrap up her studies and get a postdoc. And she is busy with the Science Communication Consortium (and blog). But I hope that some time in the future, not too far away, her life will get less stressful and the blogging bug will bite her again.

At the same time – there is a new cool blog in town. Anna Kushnir, the fun, quirky blogger of Lab Life and Sunday Night Dinner, is now the official Blogmistress of the JoVE Blog, the blog of the Journal of Visualized Experiments. And, judging from the first few posts, this one will be fun to read – worth blogrolling!


  1. #1 Anna
    December 30, 2007

    Thank you, Bora! You, frankly, rock. Happy New Year! See you in a couple of weeks. Hope it’s warmer in NC than in Boston…

  2. #2 kate
    January 2, 2008

    oh bora, your little homage made me so sad! you’ve been such a supporter, and dear blog-friend. thank you.

    things will settle down in time and, yes, i certainly expect that i’ll be back.

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