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There are 23 days until the Science Blogging Conference. We have 200 registered participants and a few people on the waiting list. The Sigma Xi space accommodates 200 and we have ordered food for 200 and swag bags for 200. Apart from the public list, we also have a list with a couple of anonymous…

Were you sleeping? – Galija

Galija was a popular band from Southern Serbia.


Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. – Steven Wright

Today’s carnivals

Circus of the Spineless #28 is up on Catalogue of Organisms I and The Bird #65 is up on WildBird on the Fly The holiday edition of Change of Shift is up on Brain Scramble

Victory for Open Access!

Yesterday, President Bush signed the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2007 (H.R. 2764) which, among else, mandates the repository of all NIH-funded research into PubMedCentral within at most 12 months after publication. Until now, the placement of NIH-funded research papers into publicly accessible repositories was not mandated, but recommended. However, only about 5% of the authors…

New on….

…the intertubes: Benazir Bhutto (1953-2007) When tigers cross the walls Internet trolls really are clueless morons. Krugman: Progressives, To Arms! Forget about Bush–and the middle ground. The 2007 Medical Weblog Awards still taking nominations. First, the neckties, now the sleeves (with no research to support either) but it makes it look like they are doing…

But only those bloggers found on the blogroll of John Swift. Which is all the blogger that matter, anyway.

New and Exciting in PLoS ONE

There are 30 new articles in PLoS ONE this week. Here are my picks: Ultrasonic Communication in Rats: Can Playback of 50-kHz Calls Induce Approach Behavior?: Rats emit distinct types of ultrasonic vocalizations, which differ depending on age, the subject’s current state and environmental factors. Since it was shown that 50-kHz calls can serve as…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Songbirds Offer Clues To Highly Practiced Motor Skills In Humans: The melodious sound of a songbird may appear effortless, but his elocutions are actually the result of rigorous training undergone in youth and maintained throughout adulthood. His tune has virtually “crystallized” by maturity. The same control is seen in the motor performance of top athletes…

New and Exciting in PLoS Biology

Lots of good stuff in PLoS Biology this week: Cognitive Dimensions of Predator Responses to Imperfect Mimicry: Many palatable animals, for example hoverflies, deter predators by mimicking well-defended insects such as wasps. However, for human observers, these flies often seem to be little better than caricatures of wasps–their visual appearance and behaviour are easily distinguishable…