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SBC pictures – Sunday

On Sunday morning, about 18-19 of the Conference participants met at the New World Coffee House for breakfast, where we were joined by Rep.Brad Miller (D-NC). Pictures under the fold….

i-60862a6eceffdeac631db314d7f09a68-SBC Saturday 034.jpg
i-af78f02fbfcb1227a54c5d8552e98e53-SBC Sunday 021.jpg
i-f7d3d00a28c26f2bebe63d08f59f59fc-SBC Sunday 022.jpg
i-580c125c974a83bab99b669ece80ff3c-SBC Sunday 023.jpg
i-cde959f8ac4efc266c11637bc7c0aef8-SBC Sunday 024.jpg