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Today’s Carnivals

Berry Go Round #1, the new botany carnival, is up on Seeds Aside Four Stone Hearth #33 is up on Greg Laden’s blog The 57th Carnival of the Liberals is up on World Wide Webers Carnival of Education #156 is up on Creating Lifelong Learners.

Edwards to Quit Presidential Race

NPR MSNBC Darn! The only one who understood how to fight the reactionary forces of the GOP. It will be really difficult to make the decision now. Hope that Obama is not as naive as he appears?


A physician can sometimes parry the scythe of death, but has no power over the sand in the hourglass. – Hester Lynch Piozzi

Huckabee on Evolution

Welcome to the 18th century Presidential candidate (under the fold):

New and Exciting in PLoS ONE

Today’s crop of new articles published in PLoS ONE is an emebarassment of riches. It’s hard to make just a couple of picks out of 39 papers, but I’ll try to restrain myself and you go and look around for the rest of them…. Chimpanzee Autarky: Economists believe that barter is the ultimate cause of…

My picks from ScienceDaily

Synthesis Of Natural Molecule Could Lead To Better Anti-cancer Drugs: In early 2007, Northwestern University chemist Karl Scheidt’s interest was piqued when marine chemist Amy Wright reported in the Journal of Natural Products that a new natural compound derived from an uncommon deep-sea sponge was extremely effective at inhibiting cancer cell growth. Ants And Avalanches:…

If you liked Sigma Xi last weekend, and if you are in the Triangle on February 8th, and if you are interested in the origin and early evolution of life on Earth (and potentially elsewhere), you will love attending the NESCent symposium on the topic: The National Evolutionary Synthesis Center invites you to the 2nd…

New and Exciting in PLoS Biology

There is lots of cool new stuff in PLoS Biology this week. Take a look: Conspicuous Chameleons is a synopsis/summary of this article: Selection for Social Signalling Drives the Evolution of Chameleon Colour Change: The ability to change colour has evolved in numerous vertebrate and invertebrate groups, the most well-known of which are chameleons and…

Today’s Carnivals

Grand Rounds: Volume 4, No. 19 are up on Emergiblog. The 109th Carnival of Homeschooling is up on Life on the Road

James Hrynyshyn is one of my SciBlings and part of the Scienceblogs.com large North Carolina contingent. He lives in a small town of Saluda in the Western part of the state and blogs mainly about climate science and related policy on Island of Doubt. He is also one of those “repeat offenders” – he came…