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New and Exciting in PLoS Genetics

Two of the papers published today in PLoS Genetics (now on the TOPAZ platform) got my attention: Redundant Function of REV-ERBα and β and Non-Essential Role for Bmal1 Cycling in Transcriptional Regulation of Intracellular Circadian Rhythms: Circadian clocks in plants, fungi, insects, and mammals all share a common transcriptional network architecture. At the cellular level,…

Don’t try this at home

See the moment when the lion recognizes the guys who raised him as a cub: Hat-tip: Melissa

Just try this link: http://scienceborg.com

Rita Colwell on ScienceDebate2008

See all the clips here.

Happy Leap Day

Though, at some times and places in history, February 24th was considered to be the Leap Day. For the more science-oriented folks, Phil Plait explains why we have leap days.

Awesome! In a scary way….

Watch to the end to see how just huge this thing is! From Frischer Wind, via Page 3.14

‘Insomnia: A Cultural History’

Book excerpt in today’s Wall Street Journal: Chapter 6: Wired: It is likely that insomnia will increase with the expansion of the 24-hour economy into more and more lives, and more of each life, because wakefulness and the wired world go together. The more interconnected we are, the more we communicate, and the more we…

Darwin Quotes

Here we see how potent has been the effect of the introduction of a single tree, nothing whatever else having been done, with the exception that the land had been enclosed so that cattle could not enter. But how important an enclosure is, I plainly saw in Farnham, in Surrey. Here there are extensive heaths,…

On this day in history

150 years ago Alfred Russel Wallace sent a letter to Charles Darwin, describing natural selection. 55 years ago, Watson and Crick announced the structure of DNA.