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Yes, that time has come….Going it alone in 2006 was far too much work for one person. Reed Cartwright was the first guest editor in 2007 and this was a perfect solution. So, going on into the new year and new victories, it is now time to announce the Editor of the Open Laboratory 2008. Drumroll….

The anthology editor for this year will be Jennifer Rohn!!!

Jennifer is a post-doc in cell biology at University College London, she blogs at Mind The Gap and is the Editor of LabLit.com.

Stay tuned for more book-related news soon. The new submission form will be available very soon as well so start checking your archives for posts written since December 21st 2007.


  1. #1 Anna
    February 13, 2008

    Excellent choice! She is pretty fabulous, I have to say (basing judgment solely on reading her writings, although I am certain she is fabulous in person as well). Hope you have great fun working together.

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