A Blog Around The Clock

As John quips, who is crazy to try to blog around a clock like Coturnix? Not me, for sure. But Arunn is, at least for one day! In the past 24 hours Arunn has posted 15 (fifteen!) posts on his blog. I hope this did not disrupt his marital harmony too much!

OK, so here are the fifteen posts – go check them out:

Bora At My Blog
Nature India
IITM Blogs a partially differentiated list
The silliness of WLAN
Introduction to Microlithography
How to make a gun with a hankie
Notebook Quotes
How to do Research
Snake Ears and Magudi Music
Science Writer Reading List
My Science Daily picks for Today
Contemporary Science Popularizers
First Harmonic Guru
For Sri Nameless Freedom-fighter
I am a Gemini and Geminians don’t believe in Astrology

and the sign-off:

BAMBing Complete

Wonderful! Now, Arunn, go get some sleep. You need it. And next time, use automated scheduling of posts…that’s what I do.


  1. #1 Lakshmi
    February 27, 2008

    I think someone else in the family needs her beauty sleep, WITHOUT THAT BLUE GLOW FROM THE LAP TOP AND THE CLICK CLICK OF FINGERS ON KEYBOARD ALL NIGHT.

    I hope there is an award involved…for the spouse.

  2. #2 Coturnix
    February 27, 2008

    I think I will stay out of this and let Arunn figure out how to award your incredible patience 😉

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