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As John quips, who is crazy to try to blog around a clock like Coturnix? Not me, for sure. But Arunn is, at least for one day! In the past 24 hours Arunn has posted 15 (fifteen!) posts on his blog. I hope this did not disrupt his marital harmony too much! OK, so here…

TOPAZ Upgrade and other Big News from PLoS

It was a heroic (and sometimes nerve-wrecking) couple of months for the IT/Web team at PLoS, but the fruits of their labor will shortly be visible to all. PLoS Computational Biology, PLoS Genetics and PLoS Pathogens will soon migrate onto the TOPAZ platform. You are familiar with TOPAZ already as PLoS ONE, PLoS Neglected Tropical…

Darwin Quotes

…it is always advisable to perceive clearly our ignorance. – Charles R. Darwin Support The Beagle Project Read the Beagle Project Blog Buy the Beagle Project swag Prepare ahead for the Darwin Bicentennial Read Darwin for yourself.

Peter Agre on ScienceDebate2008

Check all the video clips here.

Congratulations to Karen James!

Excitement on science blogs! Karen James of the Beagle Project Blog has just today published a paper in PLoS ONE: Diversity Arrays Technology (DArT) for Pan-Genomic Evolutionary Studies of Non-Model Organisms: Background High-throughput tools for pan-genomic study, especially the DNA microarray platform, have sparked a remarkable increase in data production and enabled a shift in…

New and Exciting in PLoS ONE

There are 48 new articles published this week in PLoS ONE. It’s hard to choose just a couple to highlight, so look around for what interests you (avian flu, the Plague?). How about these titles that piqued my interest: Neural Substrates of Spontaneous Musical Performance: An fMRI Study of Jazz Improvisation: To investigate the neural…

Open Education

There are three interesting, thought-provoking articles on Open Education today: The Digital Commons – Left Unregulated, Are We Destined for Tragedy? An Interview with Ahrash Bissell of the Creative Commons The Open Digital Commons – A Truly Endless Array of Success Stories Worth your time and effort.

JoVE hits Big Time

Journal of Visualized Experiments signed a deal with Wiley-Blackwell to provide videos for Current Protocols: Wiley-Blackwell and JoVE Unveil Groundbreaking Online Video Publications Online methods videos go mainstream Visual journal partners with Wiley Related…

Today’s carnivals

Grand Rounds 4.22: The Future of Medicine – are up on ScienceRoll. The 113th Carnival of Homeschooling is up on The Daily Planet

My picks from ScienceDaily

Religion Colors Americans’ Views Of Nanotechnology: Is nanotechnology morally acceptable? For a significant percentage of Americans, the answer is no, according to a recent survey of Americans’ attitudes about the science of the very small. Male Fertility May Be Harmed By Mix Of Endocrine Disrupters: Endocrine-disrupting chemicals, which are harmless individually in small doses, can…